There’s no ending to the marketing opportunities provided by possibly the universe’s greatest villain and most evil empire. Yep, although Darth Vader and the Galactic Empire are from outer space, the black dude with a whispering James Earl Jones voice has its own car, courtesy of Hot Wheels.

The car was developed by the well known toy car brand belonging to Mattel – which itself could be associated to an evil empire moniker, just remember that back in 2007 they were found to have accidentally poisoned many children with Chinese-made toys that were coated in paint that had 180 times above the acceptable limit of lead.

But we digress. So, back to the Darth Vader Car – it’s being released just as news starts to pour in about Disney’s new Star Wars movie that will be released in 2015. It also coincides with the outing of more Hot Wheels Star Wars vehicles and play sets. The Darth Vader car – besides its outstanding looks – stands out because it’s offered as a 1:64 scale model, complete with a lightsaber-inspired collectors commemorative box.

No, this story is not about that. Mattel’s Hot Wheels actually built a real life-sized version of the car! During the San Diego Comic-Con, they officially unveiled it, with the “concept” based on a 526 horsepower V8 powered Corvette C5. It has custom wheels, a great looking back-lit side-exhaust, carbon fiber construction and… very obvious Darth Vader helmet inspired design.


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