[Video] How can you address an embarrassing miss-fueling situation image

You don’t know what to do when you fill your car with the wrong fuel? British motoring show Fifth Gear reposted one of their experiments showing you what to do to save the day. And the car.

Even if there are few who have publicly admitted to make this classic mistake, there are more motorists than you think who put the wrong type a fuel in their tanks. At the first glance on the unfortunate situation, addressing such a negligence seems very costly. It is highly probable that you will have to change the entire fuel system. At least, this is what you are likely to hear from your dealer. But the guys from Fifth Gear have undergone this type of experiment a while back and have now reposted it for you to know who to address when you accidentally fill a diesel car with gasoline and gasoline-powered car with diesel.

For this test, Fifth Gear bought two old compacts, one powered by diesel and one by gasoline, and added a few liters of the wrong type fuel to each one. After a few miles drive, the gas engine started to “cough” and finally came to a sudden stop, but was revived after some proper gasoline was added. Same happened with the diesel-powered car running on gas, although it withstood much longer, and only a right fresh refill being needed for the engine to start again. The test is quite interesting and the consequences of a miss-fueling seems not so worrisome. However, it might not be so easy with the current modern fuel systems. The video is still worth viewing though.