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Toyota and Japanese plastic model company Tamiya have joined forces in the United Kingdom to answer one of those questions no one ever thought about asking – until now.

They set out to find how many radio-controlled vehicles are needed – of the RC Tamiya Bruisers variety – to tow an actual Hilux pickup truck. There’s little doubt anyone lost a night over this burning question, but at least the demonstration of the feat is entertaining to watch. Apparently the idea came from a commercial in the 1980s where a bunch of Tamiya Bruiser 4X4 RC trucks proved their toughness by doing that exact thing. Now the current Toyota pickup is larger and heavier so the 1/10 scale trucks need to work way harder. Doing some mathematics we find out that each Bruiser weighs around 7 pounds (3.2 kilograms) and produces a maximum torque of 17 pound-feet (23.2 Newton-meters). The hauling object is a Hilux 2.4 D-4D Invincible tipping the scales at 7,055 pounds (3,200 kilograms).

[Video] How many little Hilux are needed to tow the real Toyota Hilux 2

In order to make the stunt possible, the organizers inflated the tires to 60 pounds per square inch, and the four-wheel-drive electric powertrains of the RC cars were hooked to a low-ratio transmission setting. They even added weight in the small beds for added traction. With all customizations in place the result came in – 15 little trucks were needed to tow the bigger brother. There are also other videos in the series that compare the Bruiser’s capabilities to the modern Hilux.