[Video] How Porsche turns any car into a Macan image

No matter what car you’re driving, you can now watch yourself behind the wheels of nothing else but a Porsche Macan. How is that possible? The German automaker will not get a Macan for every wishful thinker, but it has created a “magic mirror” to do so.

Along with Thinkingbox, Porsche has developed a mirror that uses “cutting-edge software and technology” which can transform any car into a Macan. How does it work? You can see for yourself in the video below.

While the company did not give too much information about the system of the working mirror, the magical object was planted in the parking garage of the Westfield Century City Mall in Los Angeles, California. This way, every driver that went past the “mirror” could witness their car being replaced by an image of a Macan.

The “Magic Mirror”, as Porsche calls it, is not really a reflective device, as it actually stands for 12 HD screens which track drivers who pull in the valet area at the L.A. Mall. As they pass these screens, they get to see what they would like driving in a Macan, which is the newest and smallest crossover from Porsche.

The experience took place for 10 days and more than 900 drivers had the chance to see the magic mirror and get impressed by Porsche’s marketing stunt.

By Gabriela Florea