What happens when you forget you handbrake on and you don’t realize it? I know this seems impossible for 99.9 percent of drivers because usually a red light appears on your dashboard, but even if it doesn’t you will most likely realize it because the car accelerates harder and is, of course, more fun in corners.

I really think you don’t even need to see this video and you already know it’s a woman driving the car. The video was made in Poland and you can see the guy who’s filming trying to tell the woman that she forgot her parking brake on. But she doesn’t even see him.

I know we all saw this kind of drivers on the road and I truly can’t understand how they are allowed to control a one or two-ton of metal. Driving isn’t for everyone and I wonder what happened when the lady in the video went left or right.

I know a picture is worth 1.000 words so you better hit the play button.



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