Riversimple, a Eu-funded consortium looking to introduce a new model featuring a hydrogen powered powertrain has decided to tease us to the engineering prototype that will debut officially on Wednesday.

The Riversimple consortium is a European affair with the research and development center in Wales, UK and the design studio in Barcelona, Spain. The company is looking to reveal its first hydrogen-powered road car. If you have no idea who Riversimple is, we can share some light for you: it’s a consortium of SWARM (Demonstration of Small 4-wheel fuel cell passenger vehicle Applications in Regional and Municipal transport). It has received FCH-JU (Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking) research funding by the European Union and thus has been able to come up with the engineering prototype they’re looking to present now.

The model should be a two-seater offering a “simple and spacious interior” and what looks like an interesting or at least quirky body design. Riversimple also hints the model will be “light to handle, responsive and fun to drive” and the hydrogen power will be good for an acceleration to 55 miles (89 kilometers) per hour in nine seconds. More importantly, the fuel economy is expected to be the equivalent of 250 miles per gallon and since we’re talking about hydrogen refueling will only take about three minutes. The hydrogen tank at full capacity will deliver an expected range of up to 300 miles (483 km). After the engineering prototype is presented, Riversimple has said it would start a 12-month beta test for 20 car with a production version coming next year after the trial is over.

Hydrogen model teased by EU-funded consortium - Riversimple 0


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