[Video] Hyundai preparing i30 2.0 Turbo development car for the Nurburgring 24h image

The South Korean automaker’s N Performance division is getting things ready for the 2016 edition of the Nurburgring 24h endurance race, where the company will present itself with the i30 2.0 Turbo development car.

So far, the sportiest i30 models have a 1.6 Turbo petrol engine (also found inside the Veloster) or the 2.0 liter, but things are about to change thanks to the i30 2.0 Turbo development car – which is set to go against the very tough German circuit and its 73 corners. All of the vehicles taking part in the Nurburgring 24h race will need to lap it about 150 times – and since the track has 25.4 kilometers, that equates to around 4,250 km (2,640 miles). Test driver Bruno Beulen will be among those manning the i30 2.0 Turbo – as he is also the chief of the company’s endurance tests at the Nordschleife. During this upcoming weekend he will share the driving duties with Michael Bohrer, Alexander Köppen, and Rory Pentinnen.

Hyundai said they would like to gun for a good result, but more importantly for them is the data acquired during the race which should help them hone the skills of the future N-branded performance cars. Hyundai has next to the ‘Ring the Europe Technical Center and a 3,600 square feet testing facility. The i30 N is going to pack a completely new turbocharged 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine, as well as upgraded components for the transmission, suspension, dampers, along with tweaks to other areas of the car.