[VIDEO] Hyundai Santa Fe/ix45 first promo released image

The new generation of the Hyundai Santa Fe, or ix45, has just gotten a first promotional video, which should attract more customers into the brand.

The all-new Hyundai Santa Fe, or the ix45 as it will be known in Europe, has a strange promotional video and my first opinion is that the ones who have created it have drawled all over the design board until some said: “well, this will have to do! Let’s go get lunch!”. Soft on the inside and tough on the outside, this is how the new generation of the Hyundai Santa Fe / ix45 has been described and in the video posted below we can head a lion every time we see the exterior of the model and a baby once the cabin is presented.

The 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe has been officially presented to the public during the 2012 New York Auto Show and the model will go under the ix45 in the European market, while over-seas, the five-seat version will be named the Santa Fe Sport. The new generation of the South Korean crossover is coming with LED lights, improved aerodynamics and some other interesting stuff which we will talk about close to the model’s launch. Meanwhile, you can watch the first promotional video below. Enjoy!