[Video] Hyundai’s Super Bowl ad is both heartfelt and a technical success image

The South Korean automaker wanted to present an ad for the Super Bowl but also tried to do things differently – and the result is both moving and a statement to what incredible world we live in.

Hyundai decided to forego the usual prepare in advance process and mostly shot and edited the ad while the New England Patriots were winning the game against the Atlanta Falcons – and they scored massive points for the difficulty of achieving that, with a heartfelt result and also successful in airing it immediately after the game. Hyundai’s ad Operation Better depicted U.S. soldiers’ reactions to virtually watching the Super Bowl with their families – they used 360-degree cameras in the stands and streamed the video into a special room on the base where a display surrounded the chosen participants – and the cameras of course showed their reactions to watching the loved ones in this high-tech environment.

[Video] Hyundai’s Super Bowl ad is both heartfelt and a technical success 3

According to reports, the undertaking was massive – Hyundai’s ad agency Innocean shot very few B-rolls ahead of the game, but most of the production took place during the game. A production team at the military base in Zagan, Poland, sent the video directly to a mobile studio at the stadium in Houston, Texas. And there were even officials of the National Football League, broadcaster Fox, and the military there to approve everything when it was ready. “Doing something that’s bigger than a commercial and can help bring our country together when it seems impossibly divided is incredible,” said Eric Springer, Chief Creative Officer at Innocean.