Football legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic has decided to say goodbye to the Swedish national team following the return from Euro 2016 and Volvo has decided to pay its respects, as well as gather some sympathy.

The latest short film featuring the legend has to do with the new V90 model, but in “Epilogue” the automaker had the power to put itself in second place as the star receives comfort and solace from its family – not the automaker. This is indeed clever marketing – everyone would have despised the company if it placed itself center forward but as such this emotional commercial shows the power of values – respected by Volvo. The Swedes – like many other teams – left the Euro 2016 after the group stages having lost to Italy and Belgium. It’s true they haven’t had a wonderful performance since back in 1958 when they lost the final, but seeing Ibrahimovic give up the captain’s chair is a heart-wrenching moment for fans nonetheless.

He has spent 15 years with the team and now he has decided to draw the line on the way back. “Making this film was, of course, emotional, but the time has come for me to hang up my shirt and hand over to the next generation. For me, it is all about looking forward, not back. A new journey is starting – both for me and for Volvo,” commented Ibrahimovic. Anders Gustafsson, Senior Vice President Europe added Volvo is very proud of being allowed to share the very personal moment in Zlatan’s life and career. And again, the music is scored by Hans Zimmer with an original piece – yet so connected to the other moments the composer portrayed a darker mood.



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