These days the DC movie Batman v Superman has faded away into oblivion, along with its goods and bads, as Captain America: Civil War is pressing us to take a side.

If you’ve seen the movie you might have already chosen a side – and if that is siding with Iron Man you can play a little bit as a superhero yourself. That’s because with great timing Hyundai South Korea has announced not long ago in a blog post it has prototyped a “wearable robot” exoskeleton that makes you feel like Iron Man. Of course, you’re not getting the shiny armor, gizmos or intelligent AI’s, but even if you’re not a billionaire, playboy philanthropist you can still the superhero power. That’s because while Hyundai is pretty busy fighting the automotive rivals and likes to snatch talent from Bentley, for example, it’s also interested in things like a robotic exoskeleton that grants the human using it the strength to “hundreds of kilograms.”

If you’re Team Iron Man, you should look into the exoskeleton suits built by Hyundai 1

This is certainly not the first attempt from the South Korean company if we take into account the Hyundai Lifecaring ExoSkeleton (H-LEX) revealed last year. The new version is lighter than before, thus making it more practical for everyday use. Hyundai envisions the final product as being used by the military, in factories and also helping the physically disabled or the elderly. Hyundai is also not the only doing work on such exoskeletons – for example Audi has a carbon fiber one that helps workers sit in mid-air without the risk of hurting their backs – kind of a “chairless chair” that can be used for a number of assembly operations.



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