[VIDEO] Incredible crashed truck being driven on Russian highway image

A truck driver was caught by a “curious” camera while enjoying some “good time” behind the wheel of the crashed vehicle on a highway in Russia.

Every driver has most likely seen a car crash at least once in his / her lifetime and most them have even been involved into a crash themselves but usually when a vehicle is involved in an incident like this and the obvious speed during the collision was pretty high, than that car / truck / SUV and so on usually ends up in the junk yard and insurance covers the cost of a new one.

But what happens when you’re in Russia and you probably need to get that pile of junk which was once a truck from the crash site to a different location, for different reasons? Well, knowing the case of the apparently indestructible Toyota Hilux in the famous Top Gear show, we care to think that the driver had the same idea in his mind, something like “Why should I use a platform when I can drive it myself?”.

And the truck in the video has another thing in common with the Toyota Hilux: it’s Japanese, as you can probably tell from the steering wheel column which is fitted for the right-hand drive. So it’s up to you to tell us what you would do if you saw this on a highway near your home.

Meanwhile you can watch the incredible video below. Enjoy!