Video: Incredible fireball on the grid at Barbagallo image

The racecars of Steve Owen and Karl Reindler burst into flames after a major crash during the V8 Supercar round at Barbagallo Raceway yesterday in Perth, Australia.

Reindler clawed his way out of the burning car after it stalled on the grid and was hit at high speed by rival driver Steve Owen, erupting into a fireball.
Both drivers managed to walk away from the crash and were taken to hospital for tests.

“Before I knew it I saw flames inside the car,” Reindler said before being taken to hospital.

“I guess I panicked and tried to get out as quickly as I could. My body’s fine, it’s just my hands.”

Bright, who won the race and whose Brad Jones Racing team also runs Reindler’s car, said pit crews were first on the scene to put out the fire rather than official fire marshals, and lessons needed to be learned.

”I felt pretty sore when I got out of the car,” Owen said. ”I saw Karl in the medical centre, and he’s fine apart from some slight burns. It happened so quickly … I just had nowhere to go.”

Initial indications are the explosion was caused as Owen’s car punctured the fuel cell of Reindler’s Holden.