[Video] Incredible rescue from helicopter of wave-stricken Nissan driver image

We’re not entirely sure if the person behind the wheel has a comprehensible excuse for the idiotic decision of putting itself in danger – but the daring rescue is spectacular nonetheless.

This is one clip that illustrates how a decision is horribly wrong from the start but someone is still oblivious and does the deed – here’s a video of a man in a Nissan pickup that gets caught by huge waves and is stranded on Humboldt Bay’s North Jetty in California. There was a bystander watching the huge waves that shot the video – and the area was even under a high surf advisory by the National Weather Service at the time of the incident. After the video starts we see the man still intrepid while the forces of nature clearly tell him to give it a rest.

[Video] Incredible rescue from helicopter of wave-stricken Nissan driver 1

But no, even when the breakers start pushing the truck like a toy he goes against common sense and keeps pushing – until the truck eventually makes the conscious choice of giving up on its own. The person who filmed said the truck had Arkansas license plates – so he may have been unaware of the dangers. Anyways, a 911 call alerted the Coast Guard and the first try failed because the rescuers came by boat – a helicopter had to be used to hoist the driver away.

Via Lost Coast Outpost