[Video] Infiniti and Red Bull show us how they make an F1 car image

Infiniti and Red Bull have teamed up to create a four-part series that explores the development of a successful F1 car. We now have the video for Part 1.

The processes that go into getting a successful Formula One car from drawing board to track, and that aim to keep it competitive across a season, are normally the kind of “beyond-your-clearance,” “need-to-know basis” secrets. Yet, as of this week the Japanese Infiniti and the Red Bull team decided to unlock the doors and give us all a behind-the-scenes peak at how they design and manufacture their F1 challengers.

The first clip delves into the design and development of an F1 car, which normally takes about five months to complete. However, the rule changes are extensive for 2014 so the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team started a little earlier this year.

Featuring interviews with Christian Horner and senior team members, the first episode explains some of the work undertaken by the design department, including the 30,000 design changes it works through the during the course of a season. The film also gives a glimpse inside a number of key factory areas, including the wind tunnel.

New episodes will be released each week for four weeks. Following the design episode, the next films will take the viewer inside the world of composites, manufacturing, and finally to the build of car itself in the assembly bays of the Milton Keynes HQ.