Have you seen a B horror movie with bad practical effects and even worse, do it in your basement CGI? Well this is exactly the feeling we’re getting when seeing this SUV monstrosity.

Let’s start off with a couple of stereotypes – beauty is in the eye of the beholder and looks are subjective – but who in God’s name allowed NFL player Domata Peko to come up with this tortured new 2017 Infiniti QX80. To begin with, the Japanese SUV is not your average example of automotive beauty – but going all out will surely deliver a disastrous result. Case in point.


We’re showing this just to say we can laugh at it – but at one time we actually choked. California-based Larte Design was on point to satisfy Peko’s desires who opted for the tuner’s LR3 package with an uglish to say the least body kit for the massive SUV. No matter how you put it – they are claiming the redesigned front grille with interleaved Vs has the “V” standing for “Victory” – there’s no beating the bush around – this car is uglyyyy!


Not even the beefy 101-mm exhaust tips at the back can save the day, and even the great looking teak wood flooring inside the cabin and trunk feels out of place because it’s not connected in any way to the other elements. According to Larte, the LR3 kit for the Infiniti QX80 costs $17,800, which is like throwing away a small class car out the window…


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