Volkswagen aspires to become a full-line manufacturer, with products ranging from the smallest subcompacts to the largest luxury cars, and the VW Phaeton is the latest example of the brand’s upward mobility.

The transparent factory makes the fascinating process of car production transparent to the world, establishing a link between technology, environment and people such as has never been seen before.
The Transparent Factory occupies an 8-.3-hectare or 20.5-acre site on Dresden’s Strassburger Platz, next to the Botanical Gardens and within walking distance of the city center.
The glass-walled, L-shaped production facility is adjoined by a Studio where Phaeton buyers can choose options and materials for their custom-built cars and a Customer Lounge where they can pick up their finished vehicles.

A Visitors’ Forum is open to the public for tours, concerts, and other events; it also has a Phaeton driving simulator and other exhibits. The Transparent Factory even has a café, bar, and restaurant.


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