[Video] Intel makes LeBron James their autonomous cars ambassador image

All your worries that keep you late at night awake thinking about the days when robots – no, autonomous cars – will take over the world should now be alleviated, because Intel and Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James tell you to have no fear.

Joke aside, the tech giant and the basketball star have recently teamed up to promote the upcoming autonomous technologies – something we may get accustomed to in the not so distant future. The Basketball player is an ambassador for Intel, so he’s going to be featured in other related media materials – video and online – in support of the company’s self-driving project. “The campaign is part of a multi-pronged trust initiative, which includes research and development to build better human-machine interfaces, extensive garage lab testing, and studies that explore people’s feelings and attitudes towards self-driving cars,” commented Intel in an official release.

In the video, James does his thing when he’s not playing basketball in the back of an autonomous vehicle and we can tell you he’s also good for Hollywood when he decides to retire – he’s actually quite charismatic. Intel is of course among the leaders in autonomous car technology development, with a recent acquisition of Mobileye for around $15.3 billion back in March – and they also have a project together with BMW and now Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in the field.