[Video] Interesting European reinterpretation of the Shelby Cobra revealed with 605 HP in Italy image

You have probably never heard of Puritalia 427, a model that was just revealed in Italy. But courtesy of a thoughtful YouTube user, we get to see the car that resembles an Italian reinterpretation of the great US Shelby Cobra in a series of videos.

While we – and probably you too – never wondered how a Shelby Cobra would look like in Italian designer “clothes”, the feat was achieved nevertheless and even better the car also exists in real life. It was recently unveiled during a private event in Italy, but the whole world can experience it now thanks to youtuber NM2255, who rapidly snatched a couple of videos to amaze us. And have you noted the clever nod the name of the car takes to that classic 5-liter V8 that every Ford passionate knows all about?

The concept of the car was around for years and after a long time in the making, and now customers get to choose from an entry-level 5-liter V8 that puts out 445 hp or – our personal favorite – a supercharged version with 605 eager ponies. The engines are mated to a traditional six-speed manual transmission and a limited slip differential makes sure your suicidal tendencies are kept at bay – especially since the engine only has to carry 1,090 kg (2,403 lbs).