[Video] Internet sensation Gisele rides a hot Corvette Z06, but be warned – she has a sweater on image

If you’re not completely out of this world and never watched a string of YouTube videos featuring hot cars and equally smokin’ gals, you’re familiar with Gisele – which is in some of the most watched videos on the Internet.

She became very famous back in 2012 on YouTube because she has a great smile, and some… features that she puts to good use in the adult entertainment industry. Back then she collaborated with High Tech Corvette for some videos that have now tens of millions of views. And now she’s back with another reaction video, her smile attached. But Santa, we were good this year – why is Gisele wearing a fully-encompassing black sweater?! You might still want to watch the video, forgetting a second her three sizes of 34DD-26-36 and the fact that in 2013 she appeared in Playboy Plus as “Cybergirl of the Month for September”.

That’s because she’s riding a monster of a supercar, the brand new Corvette Z06 – which in all likelihood will soon get a myriad of tuning alternatives in the span of just a few months. Saving you of a fast search on the “Internet of Things”, we can tell you that Gisele – a 28-year old Sagittarius from Nevada – goes by her real name of Tiffany Bastow – but most likely a big part of the world knows her by her professional nicknames of Got Gisele, Love Giselle, Xo Gisele, Gisele Blonde.

Via High Tech Corvette