The automaker famous for the best supercar of the 1990s has had a great string of successful models in recent memory – and it intends to continue the ascension trend with the all-new 720S.

The good folks over at DragTimes have decided to see if the futuristic design and supercar performance is developed enough to take on the Porsche 918 and Bugatti Veyron, hypercars that have been out of production for a very limited period of time. The stage was set – testing gear attached to the machines, and the half-mile sprint for the task at hand. Unfortunately we don’t have an external video for a wide plan of the action, just a camera pointing at the McLaren’s instrument display where we see numbers flashing by towards the 184 mph trap speed.

According to the venue, 60 mph was over in 2.8 seconds, the quarter-mile wrapped in 10.27 seconds at 144 mph, and kept thundering towards the half-mile mark in 15.86 seconds at 174 mph. The first figure is a bit slower than both the 918 and Veyron, but the rest of them are right there on the spot, so even if the 720S loses the battle or not, it doesn’t really matter, considering the price difference between the three, not to mention the availability of the 720S.

Via DragTimes


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