We’re not used to covering big rigs – or coach buses – but we’ve done that every now and then, especially when interesting things come along, such as the new, 2018 Mack Anthem.

The truck maker has been around in the trucking business for more than a century now, and has always been considered one of the most striking builders due to its “bulldog” reputation for rugged design and overall reliability. Now Mack tires to stay relevant in a period of change, combining the usual tough stance with more aerodynamic lines, as well as a raft of new technology. As far as the aero design goes, we can clearly see how Mack’s parent Volvo has offered its insight – yes, the same Volvo Trucks that made JC van Damme split on two of them and gave a mouse a lorry to drive.

[Video] Is the new Mack Anthem the swan song of classic rigs 5

More importantly, Mack’s new Anthem has numerous new technologies – including driving assist systems such as radar cruise control and lane departure warning, along with a new fully automatic transmission, or an mDrive HD push button automated manual with 13 or 14 speeds to complement the standard manual. The Anthem has three configurations, including day cab and two sleeper models, while powertrain options go all the way up to 505 horsepower and 1,860 pound-feet of torque. Mack says this is the new generation of semis – but specialist might say this is the last generation of semis, when it comes to traditional propulsion sources.


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