Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – a very popular Hollywood star these days – has had a small tour at Ford’s factory in Detroit recently because he was helping the Blue oval get some new ads out in the open.

That’s hardly newsworthy – even though we all like the wrestling star turned full time A-list actor. But as it turns out, somebody spotted during the presentation video what appears to be a leak for a new model. Starting with the 3:07 mark until around 3:13, there are some background drawings depicting a dark green Mustang that have the latest facelift cues. Interestingly enough, it could actually leak the recreation of the Bullit Mustang – as there is no front grille badge and the one in the back features a crosshair design much like it was seen on previous installments of the Bullit.

The pony seems to have been fitted with Torque Thrust-style dark alloy wheels and another clue is the “S550 Mustang MCA” lettering – MCA indicates the “Mid Cycle Action,” Ford’s bespoke way of calling it a facelift. There are also interesting indications – in 2018 the original movie will have its 50th anniversary – and the special edition could follow suite from similar special editions introduced by Ford for the Mustang’s 2001 and 2009 model years.

Via Mustang6G


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