The South Korean automaker hasn’t been into Easter Eggs too much – at least not like Tesla for example, but that hasn’t stopped them from teasing a possible new coupe in an otherwise very generic ad.

Hyundai revealed it was retiring to greener pastures the well-received Genesis coupe about a year ago – and now has complete new plans with the name, since it turned Genesis into a fully-fledged luxury brand. But this new promo seems to imply that Hyundai is still thinking at least about a sporty, two-door model. The video may or may not depict a Genesis successor, because it could be an entirely new car or simple vaporware, shows a clay model that looks rather spot on in terms of proportions with the retired Genesis coupe. It has the coupe’s popular liftback design, but with more modern styling cues. The car is at the 1:12 mark, and there are also on-screen captions reading, “It’s why we make our cars the way we do.”

The candidates also don’t stop at the Genesis coupe. Aside from the possible successor, already previewed via the HND-9 Concept (pictured here), which should of course come under the Genesis branding and with the twin-turbo 3.3-liter V6, we could also see Hyundai deciding to go against the likes of the Honda Civic Coupe with an Elantra-derived coupe.

Via Autoblog


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