[Video] It happened in Russia – crash looks totally faked but was real image

We’re used to seeing lots of great videos from Russia – though sometimes for all the wrong reasons. For example this chrome-wrapped Murcielago that got canned on a Russian highway near Moscow.

One of our personal favorite supercars, the Murcielago is one mean machine – people, this is why Lamborghini names its models after famous raging bulls – no matter the all-wheel drive system and huge rear tires. For example, when you’re driving a very expensive supercar it might pay off better to sometimes check said hugely wide tires if they still have the thread pattern on. Otherwise you’ll find out like the guy in the video – they are not that useful on a very wet road. The Russian owner of this chrome-wrapped Murcielago aquaplaned and span into a highway divider, while driving at not a really high speed. Ultra-low profile tyres don’t have much tread to begin with so a little puddle of water can turn a very expensive supercar into a very expensive ride in the Aqualand.

When the video appeared initially there were numerous comments it’s actually faked, because the Lamborghini seems to be the only one in high definition and the rest of the surrounding footage is actually in pretty much ‘80s low resolution. But if you look closely you’ll figure that to be the fault of the chrome wrap that plays tricks on our eyes. The owner knew what he was ding – even in this dull and rainy scenario the Murcielago takes the light as if it’s a studio model. By the way, everyone escaped unharmed and make sure to check back the skills of the Citroen – it took a hit from the wrecked Lambo but sill stayed in control.