Parenting has never been easy – not when you can have your classic car dreams transferred to your younglings – with the help of a posh electric stroller offered by this Korean company.

D.Throne is the maker of this “toy” – but given the credentials we suspect the dad will have just as much fun. This is because the ride is strong enough to have an adult sit on the back while the kid rides in the driver’s seat. It’s going to cost you approximately $3,000 though, and for that cash you’ll get a metallic frame, real wood trim, leather upholstery and other luxurious bits and pieces. We were mesmerized by the classic car design, though we’re not so sure about the build quality since the Korean company is taking care of assembly in China.

[Video] It may look like a classic car – but it’s for kids, and it’s electric 3

Allegedly the little car can hold up to 441 lbs (200 kilograms), which is more than a kid and a dad – maybe the necessary luxury breed dog will have a place as well. Additionally, the D.Throne has a full rear suspension, a rear differential for the electric motor – and depending on the weight it can be driven three to seven hours – with the maximum range of 77 km, great if you own an estate. By the way, it’s of course entirely customizable – from frame color to wooden trim or the leather upholstery – while the crown prince of Dubai got one with 2,000 Swarovski crystals.


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