[VIDEO] Jaguar detailing XE’s infotainment system image

Jaguar has released a new teaser video of the upcoming XE sedan, in which the model’s infotainment system is being highlighted.

Technology freaks out there, who have heard about the upcoming Jaguar XE, gather around, take a chair, scroll down and click the play button because you now have the opportunity to learn a lot about the infotainment system on the future entry-level sedan, which will be getting the 8-inch display with touch capability, but for added safety, the driver will also be able to use it via the buttons on the steering wheel or voice control.

The new infotainment system is called InControl and it has Remote application for controlling the vehicle through a linked smarthphone working with Android or iOS, permitting them to control a range of functions, which include the engine start, the door lock or unlock, the seven-day timed pre-setting climate control and so on. The touch screen of the infotainment system is also allowing users to access their linked smartphone and the XE will be gaining functions such as the Wi-Fi hotspot. The laser based head-up display is one final technology talked about, which will be providing the driver with info such as speed and directions. The new Jaguar XE will be officially unveiled in London, on the 8th of September, and it will be debuting during the 2014 Paris Motor Show, one month later.