[Video] Jaguar explains the record-breaking E-Pace barrel roll image

The British automaker has a knack for all sorts of stunts – it performed one almost with every new model or generational introduction – and it certainly reached new standards with the E-Pace.

It’s also easy to understand why they put so much effort into the launch event of the new compact premium crossover – SUVs are continuously gaining traction – so the E-Pace is expected to be even more successful than Jaguar’s first ever high-riding model, the larger F-Pace. As it turns out, the stunt – a world-record beating barrel roll – took just one and a half seconds of action, but needed six months of work to complete successfully. All in all, Jaguar performed no less than 33 test jumps over the course of the period to make sure the E-Pace’s London reveal event would be spot on.

They even gave us the numbers: 756 hours of simulation, 160-meter run-up required to gain speed, 42 mph take-off speed, 270-degree rotation, 1.5-seconds air time, 5.5G forces, and a margin of error that is disastrously small – 10 mm for the 15.3-meter-long barrel roll. Professional stunt driver Terry Grant was behind the wheel of the E-Pace, which performed the 007-style jump in order to set a new Guinness World Record for the longest barrel roll in a production vehicle.