[Video] Jaguar Land Rover wants to bring video gaming in cars image

If you know your technicalities, the HUD term is already well coined – after it made the jump from high-end fighter jets to… well, high-end road eaters. Now, Jaguar Land Rover wants to usher a new generation of the system, completely changing it for the future.

Called the Virtual Windshield, the concept could leap frog automotive displays into a new era – which blends into real life ideas taken from… well, video games. While today’s idea of the HUD means there’s a small chunk of the windshield occupied with information, JLR wants to expand and use the entire surface – projecting the type of information you need, when you need – whether you’re on a highway, in the city, a rural road or a circuit.

“We have identified which functions still need to be controlled by physical buttons and which could be controlled by gesture and carefully calibrated motion sensors,” said JLR’s Director of Research and Technology Dr. Wolfgang Epple. “The system is currently being tested on a number of features including sunblinds, rear wipers and satellite navigation maps.

The new system could give you in one take info on your speed, rpm, selected gear, infotainment, navigation, but also – since the area used is so large – important stuff like road warnings, speed limits or – when you’re on the track – the best line to reach the fabled lap time. The concept makes use of virtually projected 3D images – thus skipping the need for the well-known 3D special goggles.