[Video] James Bourne is coming – you know the car chases are both spectacular and eerily real image

Ever since the spy who couldn’t remember anything played around town in an old Mini, the gritty and real action scenes involving car chases took a turn for the next level.

Now the fifth episode in the franchise is again reuniting the initial team – Matt Damon as the titular character (and others, like Julia Stiles) with Paul Greengrass as the director. And because it’s a Bourne flick, we need that destructive car chase – this time taking place in Las Vegas. Universal Studios wants to keep us enticed and while we’re never advocates of revealing too much from an unreleased movie, we’re always down for some spectacular behind the scenes footage – we get an uncanny peek behind the scene and glimpse how the magic happens. We can see a SWAT truck take down some cars before getting on the road again – followed by a black Dodge Charger and more Police cars. We also ride on board the Russian Arm camera car – seems to be a Mercedes G63 – which in turn pursuits the Charger.

You can easily see the camera driver and footage guys are just as skilled and talented as the stunt drivers – just think about it for a second. We have a guy manning a car that wasn’t in the first place breaking lap records, and it has on top of it more than 1,000 pounds of people and equipment, with another couple hundred swinging from the roof changing its center of gravity – and has to dive fast among the rest of the “traffic cars” while sticking to the car it follows to film. We can see in the footage how the stunts really work – and while the action seems to take place during one night we can rest assured this is the result of weeks of planning and stunt driving.