[Video] Jamie Oliver’s new land Rover Discovery is a kitchen on wheels image

Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations has had its fair share of crazy projects since its inception – recent ones’ worth mentioning might include the Jaguar XE Project 8 and Range Rover Sentinel, but they certainly never met Jamie Oliver.

Until now, that is – and in the video we suspect the surprised expression on JLR’s employees faces weren’t actually scripted… Jamie has just taken car customization to “chef” levels. A great marketing ploy – especially since it involves a world-renowned chef like Oliver – the bespoke Discovery not only can carry the celebrity’s family and have a meal in the wilderness if they want, but he can also hit any location in the world and cook a gourmet meal on the spot. The Disco is actually pretty outstanding with its modifications – save for the odd wheel-mounted attachments that look like cooking pots and actually allow for making butter and ice cream on the road.

[Video] Jamie Oliver’s new land Rover Discovery is a kitchen on wheels 9
On the other hand, if you want a snack on the go while driving, just place some bread into the toaster in the armrest – and once at the picnic site you can extend the “Impaler” – actually a rotisserie cooker. The real secret to Jaime’s outstanding meals on the go will actually be tucked below the tailgate – the complete kitchen is sliding out from there, with table, sink, and burners. The family can watch TV – there’s a folding one as well – while Jamie flavors the dinner with the herb garden and spice rack located in the rear windows. Yes, there’s olive oil as well.