Yes, you read that right – the comedian turned full time car guru has had the chance to not only manhandle the out of this world Koenigsegg One:1, but also do it next to the Swede that made all of it possible.

Well, if there’s one thing on the bucket list that leno hasn’t crossed yet, here’s an example: fool around in a megacar alongside the man who created the hypercar. Please, stop enjoying yourselves dudes – it’s a 1,341 hp monster that could claim both of their lives. No? Let’s try it differently – that car eats up lots of fuel and kills the ozone layer. No? OK, I give up – I want to taste the absolute joy of manhandling that beast as well. In my dreams at least…

What more can we say except enjoy or feel pity for yourself when watching the duo playing inside the only One:1 in the US. They even try to be professionals and each of the drivers focus on a different aspect of the One:1 experience. The footage seen here is indeed six months late to the party, but that’s because it was aired on TV and now needs the chance to shine on the Internet as well. And yes – the One:1 was lost to the grueling Nurburgring while seemingly preparing to take down the record – but fret not, the Swedes are already back in the garage rebuilding it.


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