[Video] Jay Leno crosses dream car off bucket list, we also see huge crash image

You all know Jay Leno and his famous by now YouTube series Jay leno’s Garage – where he presents his own rides as well as others that are deemed interesting enough for the well known petrolhead.

And since he’s Jay Leno, the famous talk show host, you can imagine his petrolhead bucket list is pretty lengthy and rather easy to navigate. For example, one of his childhood dreams was to perform a wheelie. Not the classic one, penned by motorcyclists that ride on just the back wheel. The automotive one – which has been popularized by the first installment of the Fast and Furious series. Now Leno was a kid when that one wasn’t even conceived, so his petrolhead dream wheelie included something else. We’re talking here about the massive show-off “Hemi Under Glass,” an incredible Plymouth Barracuda.

This customized vehicle has the tuned Hemi engine sitting in a mid-rear position, to improve performance on the drag strip. It was created half a century ago and has become famous actually for performing wheelies rather than drag strip performance due to its favorable layout and incredible power figure. That’s because it boasts 2,500 hp and the driver of the Hemi Under Glass, Bob Riggle, which is actually older than Leno, agreed to take the famous petrolhead in for a ride. They hooked up at the Irwindale Speedway in California to film a video for Jay Leno’s Garage. While the piece should have showcased the childhood dream of Leno, it ended up as a barrel roll stunt. That’s due to the uneven surface – but fortunately both Leno and Riggle wore complete safety gear – which did its job flawlessly and they emerged unscathed.