[Video] Jay Leno drives a pink 1968 AMC AMX that has a great story image

Jay Leno’s Garage has always revolved around cars and their stories – and the latest feat of the beloved TV presenter and comedian is utterly impressive, and not just because we’re talking about a pink AMC AMX two-seater sportscar.

The American Motors Corporation itself is an interesting story to tell over a bonfire, with the assortment of up and downhill roads – and in the 1960s they were right there with the other major US brands. The 1968 model is dressed in the custom color Playmate Pink – that’s also because it was the prize car that beautiful “models” received when honored with the Playboy Playmate of the Year distinction. The car had under the hood Playboy Playmate of the Year that sent its power to the rear wheels via the assorted automatic transmission – more details are to be shed in this department by Leno itself inside the video.

Back in the age, AMC took ad agency Wells, Rich, Green, Inc to raise the spirits about the company’s new sports car, with one particular idea being to get the company’s new models into Hugh Hefner’s Playboy clubs – the magazine had during those days 19 related clubs across the globe, which means that marketing was dully covered. Additionally, the car driven by Jay Leno belonged to Angela Dorian, the 1968 Playmate of the Year, with the model ultimately deciding to redress her car into another shade as to avoid attention – which is what most Playboy models did with their prizes. She kept the car until 2010 when it was bought and restored from the ground up by the current owner. By the way, the former Playboy model is currently in jail for shooting her husband.