Once a regular-looking 2008 BMW 135i is now a beast that emulates the 1M and actually has a swapped V8 engine under the hood and no interior amenities to lose surplus weight.

Jay Leno’s Garage isn’t renowned for modern – and even less for modern tuned rides – because the denim guy loves unrestored originals or retro-modded classics, though special cases can get an exemption, such as this 2008 BMW 135i. Marco Svizzero took ownership of the model back in 2011 because he wanted a BMW but then turned berserk on it – slapping in an M3 V8 under the hood for 4.0-liter performance. Even that wasn’t enough and he later went for a 4.6-liter stroker kit good for 502 horsepower.

This could be described as the 1M we never got, as it never packed the biturbo inline-six from the real car and went for the Big Brother V8. Svizzero’s car also lost weight with the use of carbon-fiber pieces for the hood, door cards, and roof, while also using Carbon Revolution’s carbon fiber wheels and loosing the rear seat installment. Apparently the large engine is such a tight fit that in order to change the plugs a specialist shop is needed to lower the front sub-frame.



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