Here’s another reason to fuel our love/hate relationship with Jay Leno (of course he’s oblivious to it) – the well-known comedian turned into online auto show presenter has just taken commission of his new 2017 Ford GT supercar.

Former famous talk show host and founder of YouTube series Jay Leno’s Garage, Leno naturally had a great shot at coming home in the limited series 2017 Ford GT supercar. For the Blue Oval it was really hard to refuse him – after all he does have in that garage of his a 2005 GT, a Shelby GT350R, and a few other great models from the brand. Jay’s GT is spectacularly finished black with orange stripes, and looks oddly close to the first ever Ford GT produced, which the company claims would use only for marketing purposes.

As any loving supercar owner would do if it had its own famous YouTube show, Lenos is presenting his new baby supercar step by step. He treats us to everything from the bespoke configuration box to the fact that he saved $10,000 from not opting for the titanium exhaust, a move done because the component only shaved around 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) from the final curb weight. Leno’s GT is the 12th unit from the assembly line, the same build slot for his previous-generation GT, and wears the license plate “BK2LMNS,” short for “Back to Le Mans.”



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