[Video] Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT oddly races a Ford Model A image

The catch is this is not your ordinary restored classic car – because we’re actually dealing with a Ford Model A hot rod packing the 5.4-liter (330-cubic-inch) hemi V8 usually seen inside a 1956 Desoto.

FCA is looking cash-strapped, because they’re taking more and more time to switch to new generations of its models – but all this also comes with a few perks. For example, we now have things such as the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon or the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Trackhawk. In the latter’s case this means the regular SRT is not the flagship anymore, though that’s hardly believable when viewing from proximity the kind of performance this SUV is capable of. Jeep is even keen on showing its credentials, which is why they pitted the huge crossover against a low rider. Since it’s an official thing, we’ll excuse the weirdness and we can all rest assured we know who the winner is.

So, with that detail out of the picture let’s take a look at the contestants – Jeep has in one corner its 468-horsepower SUV with a 6.4-liter V8 while the Ford Model A hot rod with 5.4-liter (330-cubic-inch) hemi V8 from the 1956 Desoto “only” has 304 hp. The brand even admits the lighter vehicle (hint, it’s not the Jeep) is not going to win, because it needs 6 seconds to get to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) while the SRT only requires 4.5 seconds. The Ford may be slower, but man it looks like a cool ride to have in the garage – its owner Kevin Dunn created it from a 1930 Model A Coupe with a modified 1932 Ford chassis and the 1956 Desoto Hemi V8 had a new camshaft and a triple carburetor setup.