[Video] Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT shows its worth on the track image

The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT has been recently updated, but before we can see it a t work, here’s a video of Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire working his way around the track in the hulking SUV.

Usually, if you buy a SUV – no matter the segment – you don’t really have in mind any visits to the racetrack. But as the auto industry is really odd sometimes, there are some instances when taking an SUV to the circuit makes sense. Yes, it’s the case with the enormously powered top of the line special variants – like is the case here with the Grand Cherokee SRT. But, by no means the Jeep case is the only one.

Getting back to the lengthy video we have today, we see Farah digging deep to find if the SRT SUV proves its worth on the track – we can all imagine the regular Grand Cherokee is not really graceful on a test track. But, as it turns out, the Grand Cherokee SRT is – even as the Pueblo Motorsports Track in Colorado – a track that barely has two miles – features some highly technical tight turns. Kudos to the SRT guys for taking a behemoth and making it nimbler than the Subaru WRX Farah manages to pass along the way.