The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT has decided to showcase its race track capabilities by delivering a hot lap all the while trying to be faster than an aerobatic twister plane.

Cars taking on planes are a common sight today – and the usual scenario involves the latest multi-million dollar hypercar and a military jet. On this occasion a not so expensive Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT has decided to measure its forces with the Silence SA100 Twister plane – both taking the Blyton Park Driving center in Lincolnshire, U.K., as their template. This is of course the first time ever when the hulking 4×4 has ever measured forces with a plane. The 1.8-mile (2.89-kilometer) track hosted an event that was honoring Dodge and Hemi’s “fighter plane” heritage. The 6.4-liter V8 under the hood of the potent Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT being the heritage – thanks to it the SUV can reach 62 mph in less than five seconds.


The 461-horsepower (343-kilowatt) super SUV was manned by Ed Morris, the youngest ever British driver to join the 24 Hours of Le Mans craze, and actually fared better than expected. Since it’s an official event, we suspect some biased results – but both were clocked at speeds of up to 140 mph. The Jeep navigated the course by land and the plane followed the same twists and bends around seven-meter high pylons in the sky – and in the end the SRT beat the propelled-stunt plane by almost one second: 1:13:40 for the Grand Cherokee and 1:14:34 for the plane.


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