We’re not entirely sure it’s not April Fools today because Jeep has decided to treat us to a euphemism that is borderline humorous or plain ironical…

The automaker’s latest marketing campaign thought by its German unit and creative studio Parasol Island includes something “fresh” – because we’re actually dealing here with a limited edition Mud Mask. We’re not kidding here, this is a cosmetic product for your Jeep that does exactly what it says. Maybe Jeep has found out they’re investing heavily in keeping their off-road DNA alive in these harsh times (FCA still hasn’t found anyone to want to form an alliance with them) and in return most of their owners are actually using the Jeeps in cities. According to the guys reporting the news, the Mud Masks aren’t exactly the items that can be bought with cash. Instead the Jeep owners can refer to the German website of the brand and enlist in a competition that can bring them such a “cosmetic treatment”.

The Mud Mask even has its own footage, with brand ambassador Elyas M’Barek and a Renegade. And by the way, the Renegade in the Trailhawk version is actually that good at off-roading the Mud Mask is actually superfluous. And by the way, if the owners of the Jeeps won’t go the length of pacing their possession on rough terrains, they will still need to pitch in even if they do win the limited edition Mud Mask – the jar contains actual dirt, so they do need to add the necessary water.


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