The Houston Police Department and Crime Stoppers have shared with the world a surprising video that depicts how a car thief is able to get away at the wheel of a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited using just a laptop and also in very short time.

According to the recount, the grand theft auto felony happened on April 20th on the 1900 block of Elmen Street in Houston, Texas – during the night around one a.m. the suspect approached the vehicle and opened the hood to probably disable the audible alarm he then lowered it and walked away. Few minutes later a man goes inside the vehicle via the driver’s door and then uses a laptop or some other “electronic device” to dupe the alarm’s flashing lights and also start the SUV.

The theft took just 12 minutes and the suspects appear to still be at large. The police has released the surveillance footage in hopes of finding more about the thieves from the general public and Crime Stoppers is giving up as much as $5,000 for information leading to the charging and/or arrest of the suspects. While car thefts have declined in recent years, there are still areas where they are rampant – such as the state of California. The drivers are advised to park in well lit areas, keep the windows closed and car locked, as well as having an alarm and a tracking unit or telematics service such as GM’s OnStar.



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