[Video] John Cena and Michael Fassbender are true auto fans image

Celebrities doing celebrity stuff – showing off their prized automotive possessions or doing things that mere mortals can’t, like putting on the racesuit and going for a professional race experience.

This week we get to show you what two actors have been doing lately – don’t tell us John Cena isn’t an actor because his WWE performance is nothing short of this art. He is one of the biggest stars in the current crop of wrestling and he also appeared in some movies – but we’re here actually to discuss his passion for cars. More to the point, he even has an online show called Auto Geek where he discusses his vehicles – a take on Jay Leno’s Garage with much more muscles. His latest clip depicts his Ford GT – under his ownership since 2006, though it has only covered 1,250 miles in between then and now. His gray example has every option – save for the flashy white stripes and GT lettering for stealth looks.

As for Michael Fassbender – the guy who likes to play with metal as Magneto and recently tried his hand at the Assassin’s Creed movie adaptation, he is taking the roadbook as explained by Patrick Dempsey – trying out to see if a racing suit and helmet suit him. He recently raced at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in the Ferrari Challenge series. “From a very early age I idolized Ferrari and its champion, Michael Schumacher, in particular, so now racing in the Ferrari Challenge brings that dream full circle,” he commented in the Ferrari announcement. Fassbender took Ferrari’s “Corso Pilota” driver training program in 2016 and will take part in the North American Ferrari Challenge series.