There are plenty of period dramas involving great houses out there, but we may have room for another one – this time around the story of the never-ending rise of The House of Rolls-Royce.

One of the legends of the automotive industry, the British ultra-luxury automaker is telling its own history over the next year, keeping up the suspense until the introduction of the new generation Phantom series. Rolls-Royce has decided to introduce its new short series which is set to recount the trials and tribulations of the great house, with the help of Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet. The first “episode” narrates the story of the inspiration and creation of Rolls’ iconic Spirit of Ecstasy statue. It was first envisioned back in 1907 by artist Charles Sykes for a 40/50 hp factory test car that was nicknamed “Silver Ghost”, and then adorned the grille cowl of every Rolls-Royce made since 1911.


According to Rolls, she “has silently guided every Rolls-Royce and its prestigious owner through momentous events in their lives and the lives of others. She has stood as an elegant presence and witness at some of history’s most notable events.” Engineer Henry Royce put out his first car, the two-cylinder Royce 10, in 1904 – and salesman Charles Rolls loved it so much he immediately entered a partnership with Royce. The first Rolls-Royce motorcar appeared at the Paris Motor Show the same year and by 1907 they were already coming out with arguably the best car in the world at the time – the universal Silver Ghost.


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