[Video] Ken Block prepares for Gymkhana 9 – more drifts to be expected image

The rubber burning action-packed series is right around the corner – with a scheduled release on September 13, and to fully prepare us for the smokey frenzy Ken Block and Co. have prepared an alluring trailer.

In Ken Block’s own words: “Gymkhana NINE: raw action, danger, and the first time the Ford Focus RSRX has ever been driven in anger outside of a racetrack. AWESOME. Launching next Tuesday, September 13th!” We can only hope the ninth installment of the saga will come to bring us even more manic action – as the crew has had the usual love of topping out the previous installment with even more crazyness. And it seems we’re getting a full blown hall pass in the Ford Focus RS RX – the new compact rallycross racer that Block has been fiddling with for some time now.

It’s true this year we’re left barren of the Hoonicorn Mustang, but anyways the Focus is way better than the past Fiesta installments – and who knows, the all-wheel-drive muscle car might always find a way to come back into the limelight. The trailer also depicts a helicopter joining in for the action – which could tease us to incredible action going on inside the Gymkhana 9 – so we’re just eagerly waiting for the actual release.