[VIDEO] Ken Block presents Gymkhana 4 image

The famous American stunt driver Ken Block has just released its new Gymkhana video, number 4, filled with special effects, zombies, monkeys and brick walls.

Ken Block is a quite new global appearance in the showbiz and its entry into these circles has been boosted by its appetite for powerful cars, but the American has now become a true superstar, filming its Gymkhana 4 video.

After his first Gymkhana, Ken Block also entered the World Rally Championship, but without any huge success, so his playground is this time the Universal Studios in Hollywood, with Ben Conrad’s help as the director of the video.

The American driver had a Top Gear history too, by taking James May in 2009 out for a Gymkhana-style driving at Block’s stunt course at Inyokern Airport, and in 2012 he took out a Reliant Robin on the track and rolled it over.

Born in 1967 in Long Beach, California, Ken Block is driving today in the World Rally Championship for the Monster World Rally Team and the car presented in the video is a WRC version of the Ford Fiesta, which has to settle with 300 horsepower for rally cross but it is boosted up to 600 HP for Gymkhana.

Enjoy the video below!