[Video] Ken Block shows you how to properly use Ford Focus RS’s new Drift Stick image

Get your drift passion to higher levels of prowess with the new Ford Focus RS Drift Stick – and what could possibly go wrong when you’re not Ken Block and lack real team behind your back?

In case you want to be all the Ken Block you can be, the Ford Performance team is here to oblige and help you keep your Focus RS sideways as much as possible – before hopefully you stop ahead of an impending crash. The engineers at Ford argue they managed to create the first-ever “electronic handbrake” – it’s actually a big chunk of lever positioned next to the driver’s seat that, which functions akin to a hydraulic handbrake in a rally or drift car, allowing the driver to lock up the rear tires whenever needed… or not. We also remind you – just like Ford – this should be used on the track, not public streets.

[Video] Ken Block shows you how to properly use Ford Focus RS’s new Drift Stick 0

Of course you can always put the people out at Cars& Coffee to video your crash for YouTube fame… Anyways, the Drift Stick was created by Ford Performance engineer John Wick, meaning the device was internally called the Project Wicked Stick. And instead of modifying everything for the installment of a real hydraulic handbrake – new brake lines, calipers, etc – this system is all software-driven. If the driver uses the Drift Stick, the computer will disengage the rear differential clutches, then command the ABS to apply the rear brakes. The result is both easy and reliable, because it won’t damage the all-wheel drive components. And of course the feature works with the existing “Drift Mode” setting.