[Video] Ken Block, the 845 hp Mustang Hoonicorn and Jay Leno doing USPS trolling while drifting image

The comedian turned full time petrol head Jay Leno has taken rides in pretty wild cars so far, but his smile while doing shotgun with Ken Block shows how much he enjoyed trolling the US Postal Service while being drifted in the 845 hp Mustang Hoonicorn.

Since both guys are some of the greatest products in terms of US showbiz with a tendency to hit our motorin’ vibes, they did know how to make the most of the following footage. We’re not going to spoil the fun for you so you need to head after the break to see how Leno took his first lesson in Gymkhana. Suffice to say they also decided to indulge into a practice that has taken off lately – trolling. They decided to target the United States Postal Service (USPS), which for example uses the 90 hp Grumman Long Life Vehicle, a thing of ancient past that does 10 mpg on average and has the speed of a drunken sailor. And Leno – even with his vast collection of rides that make our hearts tremble in admiration – must have been new to the experience of riding in an all-wheel drive Mustang.

Imagine just that – the last high-octane all-wheel-drive Mustang we know off was made around 50 years ago – Fergurson’s AWD experimental first generation Mustang. The latter employed the standard 289 ci V8, which is far from Ken Block’s restomod from 1965 that has all four wheels tuned to the music of 845 ponies. The Gymkhana seven debuting machine has been dubbed the Hoonicorn – a name that is entirely fitting to this contraption.

Via Jay Leno’s Garage