[Video] Ken Block trials for the first time the Ford Focus RX, drifts ensue image

We can now take a look at Ford’s rally thoroughbred through the eyes of the most entitled person to judge it – the pilot that will mann its steering wheel during motorsport events.

The World Rallycross season has already started and it’s actually about one third finished, but Hoonigan Racing’s Ken Block and Andreas Bakkerud have only now managed to get their hands on the new Ford Focus RS RX – the model being entered in three of the four final events. For now, Ford Performance has decided to entice us with some footage took back in April, when Block and Bakkerud had their first face-off with the 2016 racer and tested its credentials.

Block is of course grinning as he settles into the driver’s seat and from the start offers suggestions for a personalized angle of controls to the Ford engineers. “It’s been such a long project in development [with] so many people involved and it’s been really a cool experience to get to this point,” he comments in the video. “So actually seeing the car in the flesh for the first time ever was amazing.” The video than takes us alongside the RS RX going through its shakedown, complete with the needed slow-motion spins and drifts.


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