[Video] Ken Block’s Gymkhana Eight takes us to Dubai image

We were actually wondering why Dubai – that land of excess – has been for so long ignored by the wild hoonigan adventures of hardcore rally driver Ken Block and his signature Gymkhana series?

Well all wrongs have been set right now during the eighth episode of the will known series that pushes rallying and motorsports in general to unknown limits. We’re not going to keep you long from watching (volume up please and on the biggest screen you can find) this beautiful footage shot in high definition – because as they always do, the bar has been set one level higher than before. The tale starts in the beautiful but stark desert, with Block and his Ford Fiesta ST rally car passing the sand dunes for the sites of Dubai, the fast-growing metropolis that was nothing but sand and wind just decades ago.

We also get some wild cameos – nope, Stan Lee isn’t included – of the vehicular variety – from the Ford Raptor on two wheels to the lineup of exotic police cars and that moving Boeing 747 (we told you about excess). The series has certainly gone flashier (Fast Furious style) than last year’s more intimate iteration that saw Block try out the new Ford Focus RS in the innards of the company’s Cologne, Germany factory. And make sure you stick to the very end as Ford Racing and Hoonigan also have a special preview of the next ride – a Ford Focus RS RX.

Via Ford Performance