[Video] Ken Block’s Gymkhana turns into Terrakhana image

The gymkhana legend has decided to give us a new take on the sport he invented – rebranding it with the help of sponsors into terrakhana, mostly because he now plays in the dirt.

South of Factory Butte and west of Caineville, a place labeled as Swing Arm City lies in the Utah desert. It’s actually not a funny name at all, but an ATV and OHV recreation area with naturally occurring obstacles. It seems to have entered Ken Block’s hoonigan radar, so he paid a visit to the facility along with his 600-horsepower Ford Fiesta ST RX43 race car – rebranding the sport to terrakhana because it now mostly involves off-road racing. We do have a beef with Ken – we’ve been impatiently waiting for the anniversary tenth edition of the Block’s viral Gymkhana video series, and he’s been spending time in the Utah desert.

[Video] Ken Block’s Gymkhana turns into Terrakhana 3

Block’s latest video isn’t an entry in the Gymkhana canon, but with help from a big buck sponsor like Pennzoil it still shines with all the right exciting moves we’ve come accustomed from his big-budget endeavors. We could see this as a Hollywood spin-off from a well-known franchise – only involving lots of dirt. This time around Block and his crew use surrounding natural landscape for all the slips, slide, and spin shenanigans – and we’re entertained that Block chose his Fiesta ST RX43 over a Ford F-150 Raptor. At an elevation of 4,300 feet and with ambient temperatures just over 100 degrees, we can imagine the Pennzoil products have been subjected to some punishment.